daking-manufacturing-capabilitiesManufacturing Capabilities

Daking Components manufactures specialist components for a global market using the latest software and a rigorous quality assurance system. Learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.

daking-custom-componentsCustom Components

Custom components, fasteners and machining for special screws, nuts and other forged parts made to your specifications. Get more information about our custom components.

daking-manufacturing-plant-interiorManufacturing Plant

New Zealand company Daking Component’s affiliated 9001 Accredited Chinese manufacturing plant values quality, efficiency and service above all else. Find out more about our manufacturing plant.

daking-declaration-rohsDeclaration of RoHS Compliance

Daking has been an RoHS compliant manufacturer since 2004. See a summary of RoHS substance restrictions.

daking-iso9001-certificationISO9001 Certification

Daking has been ISO9001 accredited since 2003. Read more about our ISO9001 certification.